GPS Track Logging App for Android

  • Multifunctional track logger for a wide range of uses
  • Optimized for battery-efficient long-term tracking
  • In-app travel diary / nautical logbook
  • Maps and tools for outdoor navigation

LD-Log tracks your travel routes using the device's GPS receiver. Waypoints are taken either manually or automatically with a user-definable interval set in minutes. As such, the app is designed to consume very little battery power. LD-Log also offers a tracking mode, allowing you to record your movements by the second.

An editable waypoint-list for each route of your trip lets you create a detailed diary of your complete journey. LD-Log will allow you to enter text or shoot photos in-app as well as import them at a later time. As a sailor, use the sail mode which lets you keep a complete nautical ship's log in an intuitive manner. Many different options are available for convenient storage of trips, routes and journals.

The map view features a selection of different online map sources. Previously viewed map tiles will remain available while offline. You may also include custom offline maps. Create destination points and navigate with the help of the integrated bearing compass and the numerous map tools, whether in the open country or at sea.

LD-Log can be used to document a wide range of travel situations including: hikes, bicycle tours, offshore sailing cruises, city walks, voyages, road trips, ship and boat tours, photo geotagging, collecting geo locations (POI), cartography (e.g. in forestry), etc. - for professional or recreational use.


[*] full version only


- LD-Log does not record altitude information as pertinent data tends to be too inaccurate. Users may add a precise elevation profile post-trip - e.g. through GPX-import in Google Earth.


English, French**, German

**Manual in English

User Comments and Reviews

... Sensationally user friendly, future tours unthinkable without it ...

... Tracking (almost) without power usage ... Finally an app that allows tracking for hours and days ...

... For sailors who like to log their voyaging, this is a terrific tool ... []

... Ticks ALL the boxes for day cruises or ocean voyages ...

... Used it for a variety of purposes - cycling, forest and city hikes, etc. Worked flawlessly, with negligible battery drain ...

... Best logbook in store ...

... not only for sailing ... the app provides great service for caravan travelling too ...

... This program is written for the real world ... Thanks to the very good export function you can retrace your travel route or allocate your vacation photos on google earth at home ...

... This is the best logbook app for Android at present ... [ / German]

... Have used the app as replacement for the manual logbook recently. EXCELLENT! Much work has been saved ...

... A quick glance at the application in the app store may lead you to believe that it's no different from the countless other GPS apps out there. This one, however, offers GPS recording details, post-editing functions and presentation possibilities that haven't been offered in the android sector to date ...

... I can definitely recommend LD-Log, and not just for sailors ...

... Your App is excellent - I've been looking for something like this for a very long time ... Last week I was navigating the North Sea and must say that it made keeping a navigation log remarkably easier ...

... Tested in Mongolia and passed with flying colors ...

... Easy and quick to use, it also allows the automatic waypoints to be edited ... Data logger and logbook in one. Galaxy Note 2 uses negligible battery power with automatic waypoint set to every 2 minutes ...

... For Sailors the special editing menus get interesting, as it is possible to add logbook entries in a very quick and easy way to both manual and automatic waypoints. Great that those entries later also appear on the imported track in google earth ...

... Very intuitive handling, ... enables an efficient entry of significant events ...

... I've just used the app during a 10 day cruise on the Baltic Sea. It worked extremely well ... Power usage is minimal: With my Nexus I would use just under one third of the battery over 16 hours ... [automatic waypoint every minute]

... What i really like about your app is clean interface and timestamp of waypoints visible on the map. I use it to record and so remember driving hours in europe ...

... Have been testing the app extensively over the weekend. It was simple to understand and easy to operate ... Have created several routes to keep the separate courses manageable. Editing of waypoints is very easy ...

... Normally I would experience extremely high battery consumption when using the GPS and needed to monitor this carefully. However, with your app battery power hasn't even been an issue. The Phone is about 1.5 years old, so the battery isn't exactly fresh, either ...

... A complete tool! No more scratch pad - and in a waterproof case for tablet an entire logbook is being written incredibly easier in the cockpit ...



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August 11th, 2023
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Jan 5, 2023
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