LD-Log - Changelog

[*] only applies to the full version of LD-Log

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Version 7.1.1

- FIX: For some devices, where an existent SD card was not listed in the selection of an external offline maps storage folder
- FIX: For rare crashes of the compass on Galaxy S5 with Android 6.0
- More minor improvements

Version 7.1

- Standard map view: Adjustment of route and trip details display for each zoom level
- Standard map view: Additional online map sources from Thunderforest
- Standard map view: Multiple improvements of usability and performance
- NEW in standard map view: Support for Mapsforge offline maps (.map files)
- NEW in standard map view: Using a custom folder for offline maps (e.g. on SD card)
- Many more improvements

Version 7.0

- New map view with the following features:
-- Selection of different online map sources like OpenStreetMaps, OpenTopoMaps, USGS Maps, NOAA Nautical Charts and many more
-- Previously viewed map tiles are being cached and thus remain available while offline
-- Support for the integration of custom offline maps in various formats

Version 6.5.4

- Optimizations for Android 8

Version 6.5.3

- Waypoint intervals with more than 99 minutes possible (entering of max three digits instead of two)
- FIX: Rare problems with trip data after updating from very old versions of LD-Log / LD-Log FREE
- Minor bug fixes

Version 6.5.2 FREE

- Complete Revision of the free version and alignment of the functionality with the full version:
-- It is now possible to use the sail mode, the trip export / report and many more functions that previously were only available in the full version.
-- Furthermore all advanced features of the full version (compass, destinations, images, tracking) can be tried out.

Version 6.5.2

- FIX: Accuracy of the speed display in map view with live position [*]

Version 6.5.1

- NEW: Open each trip on the map directly from the trips list [*]
- NEW: View all the images of each trip directly from the trips list [*]
- NEW: Option in the trip editing screen to override certain main settings like units and sail mode for a trip. Thus it is now possible to choose individual settings for a trip that differ from the main settings. This also can be applied retroactively. [*]

Version 6.5

- Revision of the map view with many new functions [*]:
-- automatic refresh of the map when logging [*]
-- display of current position [*]
-- info screen overlay with the most relevant data [*]
-- take a manual waypoint [*]
-- switch tracking mode when logging [*]
-- option to keep the screen on [*]
- New: Import fotos for waypoints not only from an image gallery app, but also from a file browser including image import from cloud based storage like Google Drive [*]
- Change: With active tabs route / waypoints, trip images will be opened with the first image of the selected route [*]

Version 6.3

- User interface revision: Rearrangement and simplified access to many core functions [*]

Version 6.2.1

- Fix: Potential crash in trip images view [*]

Version 6.2

- New: Browse through all your trip images in the new LD-Log images view [*]
- Several minor improvements [*]

Version 6.1

- New: Import destinations from KML files [*]

Version 6.0

- New: Print HTML trip reports to PDF directly from the report view [*]
- New: Option to optimize images for all relevant export formats reduces file sizes and improves display of portrait format images [*]
- New: Hint if the log has been blocked in 'waypoints by distance' mode [*]
- New: Files created by LD-Log are now instantly visible over MTP
- Final support for Android 7.0 multi-window modes
- Some more improvements

Version 5.8

- Optimizations for Android 7.0
- New: Hint at log start, when device is in Android power save mode
- Several minor improvements

Version 5.7

- New: Predefined log settings presets
- New: Save and load custom log settings presets
- Revised log settings
- Improved log settings dialogs with explanations
- Improved manuel and help with compressed FAQ
- Waypoint info display in map view with more data
- Several minor improvements

Version 5.6

- New: Photo event waypoint with direct access to the camera [*]
- New: Advanced log setting 'Samsung 5.0+ Fix' for issues with a few Samsung devices
- Some log settings have been moved to the advanced log settings
- Several minor improvements

Version 5.5.1

- Fix: Potential crashes of map view in full version [*]
- Sail mode: Clearer crew list with paragraphs in some views [*]

Version 5.5

- Unlimited number of destination points [*]

Version 5.4

- Save and load waypoint entries as templates [*]
- Directly select waypoint templates for manual event-waypoints [*]
- Save and load route entries as templates [*]
- Trip templates now also available in normal mode [*]
- Notifications (log / manual waypoint) now with stop action-buttons
- Bug fix in map view

Version 5.3

- New: Display of maximum speed for route und trip
- New option: View data of a trip directly from the trips list [*]
- Fix: Import of trip files[*]
- Fix: Display of the destination point in map view [*]
- Optimizations for future version of Android
- Compass now with flexible device orientation [*]
- General optimizations in map view

Version 5.2

- Sail mode: New trip logbook entries like skipper, crew and boat details [*]
- Sail mode: Save and load trip logbook entries as templates [*]
- Sail mode: Waypoints CSV-Export now with distance route under sail / engine [*]
- Fix: Wrong waypoint distance infos in KML/KMZ export

Version 5.1

- New log setting: 'Use Alarm Clock Function' - in case the log function has been blocked by non configurable, manufacturer specific power saving functions (e.g. by some Samsung devices)
- Send CSV folder as zip file [*]
- Fix: false warning when scheduling log start [*]

Version 5.0

- NEW: Tracking function for track recording by the second! [*]
- NEW: Compass view! [*]
- New KML/KMZ export option: Optimized for Google MyMaps
- Improved GPS initialization with progress data display in the GPS service notification
- Warning message, if the log-function has been blocked from the start by power saving functions like the Asus Auto-Start Manager.
- Slide animations for the menu and for tab switching by swiping
- Some bug fixes

Version 4.1.1

- Warning messages, if the GPS has been blocked by power saving functions like the Android 'power saver'
- Some minor bug fixes

Version 4.1

- Importing of trip files ('ldlog' files) from external sources [*]
- Sending of the current trip directly from the trips menu [*]
- Warning message, if the log-function has been blocked by power saving functions like the Sony Stamina-Mode

Version 4.0.3

- Bug fix for recording in time zones with negative UTC offsets

Version 4.0.2

- Improved KML and KMZ export for Google Maps / My Maps
- Sail mode: Setting for displaying wind strength in both Beaufort and knots [*]

Version 4.0.1

- Fix for image references in Trip-Report and CSV export [*]

Version 4.0

- Export as KML / KMZ in the style of LD-Log's integrated map view
- KML export with referenced images / thumbnails [*]
- KMZ export with embedded images / thumbnails [*]
- Time zone sensitive waypoint recording
- Waypoint time zones may be altered retrospectively
- GPS Satellite time may be set as source for waypoint times
- Optimizations for Android 6.0
- Many minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.1.1

- Routes without waypoints are now being exported to the HTML / CSV Trip-Report as well [*]
- Some minor bug fixes [*]

Version 3.1

- Extensive revision and improvement of the HTML trip-report [*]
- trip reports can now be saved together with all containing images as a ZIP file [*]
- Default names for new trips and routes are now being dynamically generated
- New storage foldername for the free version to avoid problems with data cleaning apps
- Some bug fixes

Version 3.0.2

- Improved manual and help
- Small bug fix in map view

Version 3.0.1

- LD-Log is now also available for devices without the Google Maps Library
- New display-option in map view (hide accuracy radius)

Version 3.0

- Extensive improvements of user interaction
- Some new display options in map view
- A few functions from the full version are now available in the free version too

Version 2.8.3

- FIX: Crash at GPX export in rare cases

Version 2.8.2

- Two small bug-fixes

Version 2.8.1

- FIX: Crash of map view in Android 5.0 Lollipop [*]

Version 2.8

- Added function 'Navigate to Waypoint' to waypoint options menu (opens Google Maps Navigation) [*]
- Important bug-fix

Version 2.7

- Support for 'Material-Theme' for Android 5.0 up
- Many minor improvements

Version 2.6

- Log setting: Automatically start / stop connection with external bluetooth GPS device by means of the app 'Bluetooth GPS' [*]
- New design based on 'Holo-Theme' for Android 4.0 up
- Several more improvements

Version 2.5

- Important bug fixes and improvements
- Log settings: Scheduling of automatic log start [*]
- Log settings: LED-Notification with active GPS-Service in Standby-Mode
- Advanced log settings: Automatic adjustment of log interval to desired waypoint distance (logging by speed) [*]
- Settings in sail mode: Possibility to define custom sails for logbook function [*]
- Improved app-notifications in the system bar

Version 2.2

- FIXED: Inexact timing of automatic log in Android 4.4
- Improved display of waypoint information in map view (now including photo previews [*])
- Improved help documentation (jump to topics from the contents list)

Version 2.1

- Trip report export as CSV files (summary tables) [*]
- Display and export improvement of trip-, route- and waypoint-data

Version 2.0.6

- FIX: Image import function now available also for devices without a camera [*]
- UPDATE: Order of sail-settings changed in sail mode [*]
- Several more bug-fixes
- Overall performance improvement

Version 2.0.5

- improved button sizes
- send waypoint positions via SMS or email [*]
- send LD-Log files [*]
- display of separate speeds under sail/engine in addition to separate distances in sail mode [*]
- added unit meter/second for wind speed in sail mode [*]
- improved output of GPX and HTML trip-report

Version 2.0.4

- Fix: calculation of separate times and distances in sail mode when using event-waypoints [*]

Version 2.0.3

- French language added

Version 2.0.2

- Bug-Fix for Android 4.1

Version 2.0.1

- modified app icon

Version 2.0

- photo function: take multiple photos for each waypoint directly from LD-Log or import your images later [*]
- take screenshots from your current map view for documentation purposes or to reimport them into LD-Log [*]
- export your trip-report (travel-log / logbook) as HTML including images (for printing / creating a PDF-file / publishing) [*]
- send or open your export-files, images etc. in other apps directly from LD-Log [*]
- many more improvements and enhancements

Version 1.6.8

- waypoint numbers in waypoint default names are stored with leading zeros
- improved help-view

Version 1.6.7

- Adjustable GPX export type for routes (GPX Routes, GPX Tracks, GPX Track Segements) for enhanced compatibility with different GPX-viewers ('GPX Tracks' is the new standard, instead of former fixed setting 'GPX Routes')

Version 1.6.6

- more optimization for different resolutions and screen sizes
- support for small screens
- performance improvements

Version 1.6.5

- GPX-Export-Settings for embedding numerous additional information into waypoints [*]
- display optimization for higher resolutions
- trip logbook entries in sailmode (boat name, call sign, MMSI) [*]
- many more improvements and some bug fixes

Version 1.6.4

- route logbook entries in sailmode (fuel / water levels, boat checks) [*]
- setting in sailmode for selecting the type of foresail for logbook entries [*]

Version 1.6.2

- bug fix mapview context-menu

Version 1.6

- Quick menu for taking a new event-waypoint with immidiate entries (includes engine on/off options in sail-mode) [*]
- New detailed overview of all saved trips including display of dates, durations, distances and more [*]
- Display options menu for waypoint-list including options to show only event-waypoints, hide descriptions for standard waypoints among others [*]
- Option to show only event-waypoints in map view [*]

Version 1.5.5 / 1.5.6

- improved manual and help information, language issues

Version 1.5.4

- minimum log interval time of 30 seconds possible [*]
- when finishing logging, it is now possible to take a last waypoint of the current position

Version 1.5.2 / 1.5.3 / 1.5.4

- bug-fixes

Version 1.5.1

- Improved display of descriptions in trip-, route- and waypoint-editing
- Clicking on trip- or route-screen opens respective info-editing
- Improved in-app help

Version 1.5

- Support for UTM (WGS84/ETRS89) and Decimal-Coordinates
- Detailed navigation log functions for standard logbook entries in sail mode (10 selectable entries for state of sails, wind-/sea- and weather-conditions with user-definable units) [*]
- Setting a destination point, including manual entry of destination coordinates in all supported formats [*]
- Improved map view at different zoom-levels with latitude dependent scale and improved waypoint-info [*]
- Map view context menu includes new options (position-info, destination setting, automatic movement to relevant points and more) [*]
- Improved Export of the trip-report and much more [*]
- In-app manual and help